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The Paritätische in Bayern

Every human being is precious, every human has the same value. This is the idea of parity.

If every human has the same value, then every human being has the right to develop his or her full potential, to shape his or her own life, be right in the middle of it and play an active part in our society, to belong.

Our public activities and discussions with politicians make a clear stand for more social justice, and a society that pulls together.

Open, diverse, tolerant

The Paritätische in Bayern is one of the six leading associations providing free social welfare activities.

We have the interest of children, adolescents and families, the elderly, the disabled, women, migrants and refugees, people with different illnesses and people in various stages of their lives at heart. In doing so we are guided by the idea of parity and our fundamental principles of diversity, open-mindedness and tolerance.

The Paritätische is not affiliated with any political party, is independent from any religion and not bound by any ideology.

We are 800

The Paritätische in Bayern is a legally independent non-profit association. We have about 800 member organisations that are active in all areas of social activity.

The Paritätische in Bayern in numbers

  • has 800 member organisations with 61,000 employees
  • has approximately 28,000 actively engaged civically-oriented persons
  • approximately 2,000 employees are directly employed by the association and its institutions and services
  • has a regional branch and six district branches
  • is represented in about 450 bodies on the local, municipal, state and federal levels

The association is primarily financed by member contributions and project funds.  The work of the institutions and services is financed from service fees, grants from public entities, trust disbursements, lotteries, and donations.

The Paritätische in Bayern and its 800 member organisations offer assistance, advice and services in all areas of social activity throughout Bavaria.

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Our history

The Paritätische in Bayern has been in existence in Bavaria for almost 100 years. Then and now the association critically examines civic and social developments, takes them up and identifies solutions. In doing so it has access to its wide net of member organisations, many of which have been created based on new social movements such as the movement for independent and self-determined living, the women’s movement, and self-help. Being open-minded to innovative approaches characterises the association.  

Our history began in 1924 with Luise Kiesselbach. Luise Kisselbach was a well-known Bavarian women’s and socially-oriented politician and one of the first female city councillors of Munich.

Luise Kiesselbach’s motto was: do pioneering work, give work a meaning, do not deny even the poorest people human rights! This motto is as valid for the Paritätische in Bayern today as it was then for Luise Kiesselbach.

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